Here are a few examples of some of the Sandman's creations.  These are only a sample of the many, many unique pieces which the Sandman has created over the years.  If these examples give you an inspiration for something else you would like the Sandman to create for you, feel free to ask him to make it for you.  The special orders page will help you contact the Sandman.
This candle is an excellent example of one of the Sandman's original ideas.  This candle, like most of the Sandman's candles, can be refilled as many times as desired.  The vines other sub-tropical plants help set the scene for the waterfall which is half hidden by the foliage.  Please note that if you would like the sandman to create something like this, the plants will have to trimmed from time to time to keep them away from the open flame.

These are some pillars which the Sandman created several years back.  Like the votives each of the layers can be scented differently.  Although not as exciting as some of the chandlers other creations, pillars have remained a favorite.  Wedding candles are also pillar candles at their core, but have many frills, if you would like something on a similar strain, feel free to glance at the wedding page.

Themed set from a *few* years ago
This is an example of a set of candles from several years ago.  This image is primarily to show how long the Sandman has been making candles and a little bit of the different types he has made in the past.  The smaller ones on the top shelf are standard size votives which are evenly layered.  Contrasting on the top shelf is the large 'coffee can' size barrel candle with offset angled layering.  Similarly angled and layered are the pillar candles on the bottom shelf.  If you would like retro candle designs similar to this, or anything else on your mind, always feel free to contact the Sandman directly and he will work out something for you.

One of the Sandman's more unique pieces this combines his waterfall work with a gourd and a wooden base.  Just like all the other gourds for sale on the website this came from a 'family recipe' of seeds that have been used for several purposes for many, many years.  These are thick, durable, and painstakingly dried and (at times) treated gourds that are ready for a long life.  The natural wood base (as seen in many of the Sandman's waterfall pieces) comes from nature, either as driftwood, forest wood, or stream bramble.  After a year or more of drying and treating these pieces are finally put into the Sandman's works of art.

In this compilation the center stage is taken by a beautiful example of apple wood dried for several years at the home of the Sandman.  The wood was then cut, dried, and coated with protectant for a long lasting life.  Further detailed work is done to ready the hollowed wood for both wax and flame.  On the right hand side is a gourd candle with burned carvings and a color montage in the wax.  In the lower left are 'rock lights', an innovation which may  be used as tea lights, floating candles, or just good to hold.  Comes in many colors and sizes.

This compilation shows several votive candles that the Sandman has made.  Each layer of wax is separately melted, colored, and scented.  On some of his pieces, the layers are angled for aesthetic appearance.  The wicks are specifically chosen for optimal burn time which can be increased by placing these in water.  In this picture the scents are of fruits and flowers, and the bright colors to match.  Others have more traditional scenting with tones to match.  These are approximately two and a quarter inches tall and 2 inches maximum diameter.  More specific information will be available soon.

A very special candle, Cascading Falls Candle was sold at the 2002 Peoples Fair for $300.  This candle cannot quite be duplicated, but take a look at our waterfall section to see what is currently available.  The Sandman also can work on special orders for to match your imagination.

Much more to come, look back soon!