To the bottom, with the black background, you see the an elegant waterfall creation of the Sandman.  This waterfall is one of the precursors to his current top of the line waterfall candle.  Right now that candle is shown with a white background and seashells lining the base.  On the surface is a wave, completely formed of wax, and a dolphin playfully chasing the wave just to the right.  Waterfalls caress the crevasses of the wood and gracefully fall into the ocean below.  To be truly appreciated this candle must be seen live and in action.  Feel free to contact the sandman to set up a time to view this magnificent creation.

Another interesting piece of art work is a wooden table (see right) embedded with both a candle and the face of an Indian engraved on the top.  If this inspires an idea of a piece you would like to see The Sandman create for you, feel free to contact him via the contact page. to the left.