The Sandman makes unique custom candles unlike any others available, anywhere.  Each piece is made completely by hand and each detail shows the perfection he has striven for more than 35 years to achieve.  These candles are truly works of art, often depicting small scenes full of emotions.  The Sandman has been featured in Sunshine Artists Magazine as well as on KMGH-TV and has been reviewed by several museums.  Images of his work are now available for you to view.  However, as with any artwork, full comprehension cannot take place without viewing and using the real thing.

Below is a peek at the styles that are available.   Look back often for more selections or contact the Sandman directly at the contact page or by e-mail.
Waterfalls - The waterfall candle is the "signature" candle of the Sandman.  Each driftwood piece is individually plucked from the river.  After being carefully cleaned, the wood is then treated with several coats of taper candle wax or varnish to preserve. The piece is then cast in the sand, usually, from that same  river and decorated to compliment it's uniqueness. Waterfall Image
Freeforms - Freeform candles, as the name would indicate, come from a 10" cast iron skillet, hand dyed, stretch shaped and the shell refilled while cooling... (not a simple task) Pillars are similarly made with a circular pan. Freeform image
Hats - Hats are a "freeform" style of candle fashioned in the style of the floppy brimmed "cowboy" hat.   Smaller hats depict a "derby" style of look.  Each hat is hand formed then filled with matching wax, banded and placed upon the shelf to be "virtually tried on" by the customer.  Freeform Hat Image
Gourds - Gourd candles start as seeds which are grown in the Sandman's own garden.  When fully grown and harvested by hand, each gourd must be hung and dried for nine months.  Gourds are then scrubbed clean to remove all molds (molds naturally form as gourds dry). Once the gourds are dried, cut and cleaned inside, only then, can the candle process begin.   Stained, burned, painted and then filled, gourd candles are a "work of art" from start to finish.  Gourd Candle Images
Natural Logs - Log candles are made from naturally hollowed trees which have aged a minimum of 5 years. The "logs" are then hand chiseled inside to provide the most desirable environment to form the candle.  The wood is finished to furniture quality and the candle is created inside the hollowed out area.  Upon completion each piece is felted on the bottom for your tabletop's protection. Natural Log Image
Pillars - These freeform, hand made, pieces are filled with wax to form a wonderful pillar candle that glows beautifully even after just lighting.  Generally about 5 - 6 inches in diameter these candles can come in almost an color or scent you can imagine.  Sometimes (as seen here) they have additional decorations on the outside of the candle.  Like most of the rest of the Sandman's creations these pieces can be refilled as many times as you like (fee applies). Freeform Pillars Image
Wedding Candles:Made to order custom unity candles, matching your wedding colors, mounting your invitation on the front (bride & groom names often on back) and either finishing the surface with whipped wax (any color) or dipping a satin wax coat on and adding a pedestal base (very elegant). Custom Wedding Image
Votives - The votives pictured here actually can take several days to create due to the layering of different colored and scented waxes to form each individual candle as seen here.  A favorite use of these candles is placed in a glass of water and allowed to burn over a dinner or quite evening.  The light flow through the glass and reflects of the water.  The water also cools the wax increasing burn time of the candle. Scented Votives Image
Special order: Candles may be ordered for specific events, people, places, or themes.  Special projects in the past have included birthday gifts representing the receivers favorite band, special sporting events as shown here, and church functions.  The following page does not have any examples due to the variable nature of these candles, instead you are encouraged to contact the Sandman directly with your ideas. Special Order Image